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Visvamitrasana Pose

Visvamitrasana or Visvamitra’s Pose is beautiful but offers challenge!

Some may consider this pose scary and gorgeous all at the same time, either way, this pose would never fall into the beginner category. Visvamitrasana is named after an aggressive King who transformed himself into a yogic sage. This pose can be difficult to master as it incorporates many components, including a hip opener, arm balance, hamstring stretch, and requires strength.

Like many yoga poses, Visvamitrasana can offer a variety of variations to help you as you practice to reach the full pose. However, there are also variations that offer even more difficulty! For example, some yogis like to alter the pose by placing their forearm on the ground instead of their hand.

Benefits of the posture include providing a nice side stretch and torso stretch, a challenging hamstring stretch, and also offers a balancing test. Visvamitrasana also helps to strenghten the upper body including the wrists, arms, and shoulders. If you’re looking for a hip opening, this pose can also help you.

Compass Pose, Side Plank Pose, and Extended Side Angle (Parsvakonasana) can act as good prep poses for Visvamitrasana Pose.

Major Tips: Make sure to press the lifted leg and the hand holding it into one another in order to help stabilize and find balance within the pose. Don’t forget to open the chest and twist the hips to gaze upward. Naturally, you should prepare beforehand for the hamstring stretch within the posture.

Visvamitrasana Pose offers a variety of benefits, some of which are listed below. Enjoy the pose!

Visvamitrasana Benefits:

  • Side & Torso Stretch

  • Hamstring Stretch

  • Strengthens Upper Body & Wrists

  • Open The Hips

  • A Balance Challenge

Learn More About Visvamitrasana How To VisvamitrasanaThe above Visvamitrasana Pose is displayed by Yoga|Merge Instructor Anna Hanson. You can catch Anna’s Classes on Yoga|Merge – Let’s Make Some Yoga

As always, practice safely while on the mat!

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