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Fish Pose

Don’t be a fish out of water! Add Fish Pose to your practice!

The Sanskrit word “matsya” means “fish”, therefore we can translate the posture to Fish Pose. This pose is generally considered a counter pose to Shoulder Stand Pose, or Plow Pose. Normally, the full pose is practiced with the legs in Lotus Pose, although beginners will typically practice with straight legs flat on the floor.

The major benefits of Fish Pose include stretching the hip flexors and opening the chest. The intercostal muscles are also stretched along with the muscles of the abdomen. The organs of the belly are stimulated and the throat is also stretched. Muscles of the upper back and back of neck can also be strengthened in Fish Pose. It has be stated that Fish Pose is a destroyer of many diseases.

Bow Pose, Bridge Pose and Reclining Hero Pose can act as good prep poses for Fish Pose.

Major Tips: Start practicing this pose with straight legs as opposed to having your legs in Lotus posture. You can practice the posture with your hands by your side or underneath your buttocks. Be careful not to strain your neck, if needed place a blanket underneath your head to raise it.

Fish Pose offers a variety of benefits, some of which are listed below. Enjoy the pose!

Fish Pose Benefits:

  • Stretches The Chest

  • Helps To Calm The Mind

  • Stretches The Hip Flexors

  • Strengthens The Upper Back & Neck

  • Stimulates The Abdomen

Read More About Fish Pose Try Supported Fish Pose

The above Fish Pose is displayed by Yoga|Merge Instructor Christine Comerford. You can catch Christine’s Classes on Yoga|Merge – Start Your Yoga Life

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