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Firefly Pose

Firefly Pose or Tittibhasana Pose is an advanced arm balance, it’s also referred to as Insect Pose.

Before practicing Firefly it’s a good idea to be comfortable with easier arm balance postures.

The pose can be held in a variety of ways, but will always require focus and a little determination.

Always be mindful of safety when practicing advanced postures.

Firefly Pose offers a variety of benefits, some of which are listed below. Enjoy the pose!

Firefly Pose Benefits:

  • Helps Hamstring and Hip Flexibility

  • Helps Develop Core Strength

  • Opens the Chest and Front Of Body

  • Develops Arm Strength and Balance

  • Boost Of Confidence

The above Firefly Pose is displayed by Yoga/Merge Instructor Miyuki Fox. You can catch Miyuki’s Classes on YogaMerge – Let’s Make Some Yoga

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