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Cow Face Pose

Cow Face Pose! Another seated yet challenging yoga posture!

Cow Face is known and admired for providing a deep hip opening and stretch. Although seated, this posture will likely test your patience. If you’re stiff in the hips and shoulders, then you should expect to encounter a little difficulty. Props can be used if the pose seems out of reach for you in the beginning.

The major benefits of Cow Face Pose include creating an intense hip opening. Our hips tend to store a large amount of tension and stress, this posture can truly help to release it. Other benefits include stretching the shoulders and side body, strengthening the spine, and also helping to open the chest.

You can practice this pose without clasping the hands if needed, or you can use a towel or strap between the hands if you’re unable to clasp them together. You may want to start by practicing the pose while lying on your back with crossed legs and holding the feet. Remember to practice with both sides of the body for a few minutes at a time.

Major Tip: Try to keep your knees stacked above one another aligned below the chin. Also make sure that your hips are even and level. Use a blanket if needed to even out the hips and stay level!

Cow Face Pose Benefits:

  • Opens The Hips

  • Stretches The Shoulders

  • Opens The Chest

  • Stretches The Side Body

  • Strengthens The Spine

Learn More About Cow Face Pose Cow Face Pose Step By Step

The above Cow Face Pose is displayed by Yoga|Merge Instructor Drinie Aguilar. You can catch Drinie’s Classes on Yoga|Merge – Let’s Make Some Yoga

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