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Compass Pose

A seated pose that offers plenty of challenges!

Compass Pose is also often referred to as Sun Dial Pose. This pose will typically require open hips, hamstrings and also relaxed shoulders. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this seated posture is simple just because it’s a seated pose. It’s highly suggested to open the hips before trying Compass.

The major benefits of Compass Pose include providing a unique stretch for a variety of areas. The pose will open and stretch the hips, shoulders and hamstrings. The spine will also benefit and strengthen when practicing this posture. You may also notice your balance being tested as well.

Lizard Pose, Wide Legged Forward Fold and Runner’s Lunge act as good prep postures for Compass Pose.

Major Tips: Make sure to prep properly for this posture, as mentioned above there are numerous poses to help prepare you. Don’t stress out over straightening your leg right away, take your time and you will arrive at your final destination in due time. Practice both sides of your body!

Compass Pose offers a variety of benefits, some of which are listed below. Enjoy the pose!

Compass Pose Benefits:

  • Opens The Hips

  • Strengthens The Spine

  • Opens The Shoulders

  • Stretches The Hamstrings

  • Challenges Your Balance & Focus

Read More About Compass Pose Warming Up For Compass Pose

The above Compass Pose is displayed by Yoga|Merge Instructor Priscilla Leite. You can catch Priscilla’s Classes on Yoga|Merge – Let’s Make Some Yoga

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