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Bow Pose

Bow Pose or Dhanurasana Pose is considered by most to be a fairly advanced backbend.

The pose is called Bow Pose because it resembles an archers bow. If the pose is deep enough it can also resemble a tear drop.

This pose should be practiced with caution, especially for beginners. Beginners may find it difficult to lift off the ground, in which case a blanket under the thighs may help. Going deep into the pose isn’t required and shouldn’t be forced.

Tip: Pose not suggested for anyone with high or low blood pressure.

Bow Pose Benefits:

  • Opens Chest and Shoulders

  • Helps to Strengthen the Back Muscles

  • Beneficial For Developing Good Posture

  • Good Stretch For Hip Flexors

  • Allows Lungs to Expand More Fully

The above Bow Pose is displayed by Yoga/Merge Instructor Madelyn Hanson. You can catch Madelyn’s Classes on Yoga/Merge – Let’s Make Some Yoga

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