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Corona Oneness Gathering 

An infection of Love, Hope & Togetherness. A Celebration of Life!

Online Gathering

Spiritual Teachers Of Our Time Presents:

We all have to do our part right now...


People are struggling to find their emotional center in this global pandemic.


People are scared. They're wondering how to care for their health and the well-being of their families, teams and communities and most people are worried about the future.


Fear, anxiety and worry can paralyze us and steal our sense of peace and purpose -- our wellbeing.

But this is also the most amazing opportunity to wake up from the hypnotic trance state that most people live in and finally recognize what is always here... and receive life from this most vulnerable place. Right next to the biggest confusion and doubt lives unbelievable clarity and the ultimate inner peace.


So, We've decided to bring the community together and do something where we can all help in our own unique ways.

We will be going live sharing practices, tools, love, knowledge, interviews and Q&A sessions and we will be creating a safe space for support and celebration on our fb group community.

We believe this time is an opportunity for us to come together and connect on a deeper level. This is an opportunity to recognize the incredible value of the great miracle of life and celebrate it without any walls...

This is an opportunity for us to recognize what's really important... What comes and goes and what is always here... And perhaps even to recognize a place of peace and freedom that can be found in the intensity of a vulnerable surrender to life itself and the unknown...

Join us:

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