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So, We've decided to bring the community together and do something where we can all help in our own unique ways.

We will be going live sharing practices, tools, love, knowledge, interviews, and Q&A sessions and we will be creating a safe space for support and celebration on our FB group community.

Click here to join our FB group community.

Introduce yourself to the group if you feel called to.

Ask for help if you need it and help others by sharing your positivity, knowledge, love, energy, and gifts. We're all in this together :)

Subscribe to our youtube channel where we will be sharing the live stream replays and other pre-recorded interviews, meditations and other practices.

Here are some pre-recorded interviews, meditations and other bonuses that we had never released before. If you're on Instagram give these amazing beings a follow...they are doing incredible work for the community.

Spiritual Teachers Of Our Time Presents:

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