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Spiritual Teachers Of Our Time Presents:

Please read these important details about the event (I'll keep this short and sweet) :

1. On this Page, You'll find video sessions, meditation audios and more from our guest teachers.

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Philip Attar - Mastering Flow

Mindset Coach & Heart Meditation Guide

Spiritual Practices To Heal Your Life: an Interview

In this meditation Mindset Coach and Heart Meditation Guide, Philip Attar, will guide you deep into your heart to help release the deep inner tensions, anxieties, and overwhelm. You will find a connected breath into peace, fulfillment, strength, and wholeness.

If this resonates you are welcome to register for the free workshop below if you wish to discover how to overcome the blockages and overwhelm holding you back from a coaching or wellness business of impact & purpose.

Mastering Flow Heart Meditation

Stream the free 15-min heart meditation here:


Embodied Men’s Coach

Soma Miller - The Essential Man

Being a Conscious Man in today's world: an Interview

"If I had access to the resources and support structures that I now have, I don’t think I would have struggled as much as I did. Which is why I am so dedicated to helping other men tap into their authentic power."

Abdominal Breath Practice


Galactic Soul Guide & Transformational Healer

Jen Peters - Returning You To Your True Essence

Narcissistic relationships & childhood wounding:

an Interview

"It’s my mission to guide you beyond the obstacles keeping you stuck and into an expansive life of purpose that you love and were always destined to live."

Not Good Enough Wound - Healing Meditation


Aaron Michael Pyne - Ancient Secrets To Live Your Ultimate Life

Energy Healer, Spiritual Mentor, Business Intuitive, Speaker, Artist

Ancient Secrets, Higher Realms

& Nature:

an Interview

"Magic, Ceremony, Ritual, Energy Healing are all about using the natural forces of life to allow reality to flow into deeper states of harmony."

Activation Meditation

Download the free Meditation here:

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