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Puppy Pose

Puppy Pose

Well, it's pretty easy to see why this pose is called Puppy Pose!

The pose really does look like a puppy playing or getting ready to pounce! In Yin Yoga, this pose is also referred to as Melting Heart Pose, as the heart is certainly facing the earth. The pose is classified as a forward bend and similar to Downward Dog or Child's Pose.

The major benefits of Puppy Pose include stretching the spine and shoulders. It may be a good idea to avoid this posture if you have a knee injury, placing a blanket under the knees can help make the pose more comfortable if needed. Puppy Pose can also help prepare you for Downward Dog.

It's common to see this pose in restorative practices, although the posture isn't classified as a restorative pose. Many do consider Puppy Pose to be a nice pose to combat stress and calm the mind.

If you wish to hold this posture for a longer period of time, it's can be helpful to place a bolster between the thighs and calves.

Puppy Pose offers a variety of benefits, some of which are listed below. Enjoy the pose!

Puppy Pose Benefits:

Stretches The Spine

Stretches The Shoulders

Combats Stress

Opens The Hips

Expands The Chest

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The above Puppy Pose is displayed by Yoga|Merge Instructor Drinie Aguilar. You can catch Drinie's Classes on Yoga|Merge - Let's Make Some Yoga