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Plow Pose | A Simple Inversion

Yoga Posture - Plow Pose

Plow Pose or Halasana is a common pose that you will find in most Vinyasa classes. The pose is a mild inversion and it is normally practiced near the end of a yoga class. The Sanskrit word "Hala" means Plow. When practicing Halasana, the body does indeed look like a plow.

The major benefits of Plow Pose include stretching and opening the shoulders. The pose is also known to aid digestion and provide stimulation for the Thyroid Gland. As a minor inversion, the posture also increases blood flow to the brain and may also help memory. Increasing spine flexibility is also a benefit of Plow Pose.

Shoulder Stand Pose, and Bridge Pose are both good prep postures for Plow Pose.

You should avoid Plow Pose if you're experiencing Diarrhea or have eye problems. Neck and back injuries are also good reasons to avoid this posture. Women who are menstruating should use caution when practicing any type of inversion poses.

Major Tip: Keep in mind that it's not essential that your feet touch the ground and you should never force them to ground as it could cause neck injuries. Generally, feet on the ground is reserved for intermediate or advanced students who have experience with the posture.

Plow Pose offers a variety of benefits, some of which are listed below. Enjoy the pose!

Plow Pose Benefits:

Stretches and Opens The Shoulders

Can Improve Digestion

Stimulates The Thyroid Gland

Helps To Relieve Menopause

Aids In Spine Flexibility