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Prana: What Is it?
So, what is Prana? It would be easy to have a deep and perhaps confusing conversation about Prana. However, for this article we'll stick to the basics! Simply put, Prana is the energy within and around our physical bodies. Throughout Hindu philosophy, Prana is a Sanskrit term which means "life force". You may also hear the terms "Qi" and "Chi", these are terms used by other Eastern philosophies and practices to describe this energy within our bodies. For example, the Chinese practice Tia Chi to promote and activate this energy. Read More!

Sally Mustang Yoga Mat Review
Sally Mustang
Sally Mustang Yoga Mats are as unique as their creator! We're always on the lookout for yoga mats to feature in our videos, so I was thrilled to discover Sally Mustang. One day while surfing around Pinterest, an image of a Sally Mustang mat leaped off the page. The mat's artwork and colors were attention grabbing, so I wanted to know more. After a few clicks, I landed on Sally's web site. It became obvious very quickly that there is more to Sally than just yoga mats, but more on Sally later! As for the mats, they're clearly unique, just like their artistic creator! Read More!

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